Thievery by Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue

"We have this seven days statue law and we follow it very closely. It not our first rodeo on people surfacing later and so we can't hold onto a dog indefinitely," said Sandra Kos of Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue.

“It is not our burden to find the owners,” said Becky Agen, an HBHR volunteer.

In an email to The Villager, Sandra Kos, founder of HBHR, said her organization does its best to reunite families with their lost pets. However, she said, once volunteers accept ownership of a stray dog, they move forward...

OK, you scuzzy broads, you at least need to get your story straight!

There's a statute? REALLY? Get your scuzzy butts over here and post a link or citation. I dare you. I double dog dare ya! (Nobody hold their breath.  There ain't no such statute!)

Can't hold a dog indefinitely? Not your burden?  If you put your freaking paws on someone else's property, it damn sure is your obligation to return that property to the owner or turn it over to authorities!

Once volunteers "accept ownership"? WTF? Can I accept ownership of your car? How about your house?  ACCEPT OWNERSHIP??? I can't stop laughing at the very concept!  Where I come from, that's commonly referred to as a 5 finger discount.  The law calls it STEALING.

Sandra says this is not their first rodeo.  THAT I believe to be absolutely true.  I am quite certain this is not the first time they have sold someone else's dogs for their own benefit and profit.  It's so much easier to find healthy, well cared for, loved pets who have strayed from home and then sell them than to do the real work of rehabbing animals in true need.

The very, very sad truth is that there are few ethical people in animal "rescue".  Most "rescuers" simply presume they have the right to do whatever they want with an animal in their possession and the owner's rights be damned.  If your pet got loose, it is YOUR fault and you no longer deserve that pet.  Circumstances don't matter and animals disappear after each and every natural disaster into the hands of "rescuers" who will transport them miles away and sell them with little or NO effort to reunite them with their owners.

After Hurricane Katrina, pet owners had to battle to get pets back for years and the rescue community promised to do better "next time".  After Hurricane Ike, they didn't do better.  After a tornado wiped out Joplin, again the "rescuers" swooped in and animals, from beloved pets to livestock, vanished.  This poor family would still dearly love to Bring Hanah Home.

You'd think your pet would be safe and get returned if picked up by a government shelter or animal control but you shouldn't.  Can you Help Bring Smokey Home? And Where's Kapone?  Your government animal control authority probably has some "rule" about how long they hold your animal before selling or killing it.  Here in Texas, each shelter makes up their own, sometimes supported by local ordinance but more often just whatever they pulled out of their butts - like the 72 hour rule.  No matter that pets are property and state law is rather clear.  These shelters will "accept ownership" just like the "rescue" above and it's where these "rescuers" learned such utter disregard for YOUR property rights.

In some shelters and "rescues", they simply hold your pets hostage for outrageous fees.  You could be facing a bill for thousands of dollars to get your pet back but they will gladly sell them to someone else for a MUCH lower price.

"It not our first rodeo on people surfacing later...," said Sandra Kos of Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue.

“It is not our burden to find the owners,” said Becky Agen, an HBHR volunteer.

Can you see the disdain for owners and their rights in those words?  I mean, seriously, how dare you, the owner "surface"? It's not their "burden"!  To them, YOU have no rights at all.  These are the words and feelings of arrogant, sanctimonious control freaks.  On the one hand, they go around spouting off about how important and precious these animals are, so important that you should give them boatloads of money to tend the animals.  On the other hand, they are of so little value to you, the true owner, that you have no rights.  The property rights you have as set forth in statutes and constitutions are as nothing to them.  These animal rights activists and "rescuers" are complete scofflaws.

The type of thievery here by Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue and so common in the animal "rescue" community MUST cease and desist immediately!

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AMEN! I work with a purebreed rescue and have gotten dogs from kill shelters then have used our resources (connections with the show dog community, etc.) to try to find the owner or the breeder. Many dogs have been returned by is to either the owner - lost dog; or to the breeder who took the dog back to her kennel OR approved and aided us in finding a new home for the dog. In each case, that the breeder was located (OR the line of dog was idenified) the show/breeder helped us with expenses. We see our job as a rescue as not only getting a good home for a dog - but the real home if possible. Sure it takes more time and effort to find where the dog REALLY belongs, but hey, that is what we do - find the RIGHT home for the dog and the owner. That is a win win for all the living creatures involved 2 and 4 footed. One week and you own it -- BS! Sure tells why you are in rescue -- for the animals or for your own ego and the money.