Taking Advice

Well, someone told me today to find another place to blog so here I am taking that advice.  I am sick to death of the incredibly low standards for professionals and the lack of anything vaguely resembling administrative justice, let alone access to real justice for the majority of those subjected to professional abuses on a daily basis.  If you are too, come on in and play.  Make sure you have a thick skin though because I do and I may bite when bitten :)

You may see the picture of Lady Justice on my main page.  She is often depicted with a blindfold to show impartiality.  While I believe justice should indeed be impartial, I have selected a picture without the blindfold as I believe justice is impartial when all is viewed, eyes wide open, a blind eye turned to none.

Lady Justice carries scales held high to signify the balancing which is always necessary between competing parties and interests.  A sword rests at her side and she must never hesitate to raise it to enforce the balancing act she is obliged to.  It is the obligation of every profession to hold it's members to the highest standards, to never turn a blind eye, and to raise a sword when needed as well.

Lawyers beware as I will have my harshest criticisms for you and yours.  However, I'm having a particularly rough week/month/year with veterinarians so I will begin with them.

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