Staged Evidence

The Gracia hearing goes on.  Continued to Wednesday at 9 AM.

Pictures don't lie but people do and sometimes they do so by staging the pictures they take and then claiming they "fairly represent" something they don't represent at all.  Once in a while, they even videotape themselves staging the scene, staging the photograph.  Once in a very great while, such a thing comes out in a courtroom.  I love Perry Mason moments and we got to see one today.

We all need to express our gratitude the the Gracias and their attorneys!  We are getting a much fuller picture of this nasty game HSPCA likes to play.  They are indeed wanna be LEOs but they sure start back peddling fast on the stand.  I wonder how much the 2 Constable Deputies are going to like with the responsibility for all errors laid primarily at their feet and making Harris County the responsible party.

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