She Had It Comin’

Jennifer Elaine McDougall, 30.  She was 7 months pregnant and had 3 children when her husband, father of those children, apparently shot her multiple times in the driveway and perhaps did so within view of the children.  She did not survive, nor did the fourth child.

Reporters hollered questions as him as he was being lead away in handcuffs.  The standard question of “why” got the response: “She had it comin’.”

He’s entitled to a presumption of innocence at the courthouse but the public is free to judge as we go and, as these words come directly from his mouth and I got to see him say them on TV, I preliminarily judge him GUILTY.  Oh, I just can’t wait to hear this asswipe’s excuse/reasoning!  I have serious doubts he’ll do anything but make me more disgusted with him.

As far as I can tell, this guy is a prime example of why the death penalty should exist.

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