Seeking Competent Texas Attorneys

I'm looking for competent Texas Attorneys.  I used to be a Texas Attorney so, if having someone who knows the rules looking over your shoulder and expecting you to abide by them makes you nervous, do not contact me.  However, if you are competent and willing to sue professionals, including (but not limited to) Veterinarians, Doctors, and Lawyers, I would like to hear from you.  It is my specific intent to solicit your advice regarding employment if you are reading (this as that terminology is used in Rule 7.03(a)).  Please email me the professions you are willing to sue and the types of cases you are willing to consider.

It's time to hold our own and other professionals accountable.  While I realize there simply aren't enough willing lawyers in the state to get the job done, it's time to join together to start making in roads in this and not just by having SBOT sections on these issues; it's time to get public, very public.  It's time for every honorable member of any profession to say NO MORE to refuse to tolerate less than professional behavior and conduct.  Furthermore, it is long past time for clients to be able to find competent attorneys who handle the types of cases they need assistance with without having to make a hundred calls, wander through pages of the phone book or internet, or ask friends and pray.

Please don't tell me about the SBOT and similar referral services until they have been seriously cleaned up to be functional for prospective clients rather than designed for the benefit of attorneys.

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