Rescued to Death

"SOUTHWEST,VA~ALERT 28 CHI's AND CHI MIXES TO BE SEIZED TOMORROW NEED RESCUE COMMITTMENT BY 8 AM TOMORROW"  "We have been advised by AC that tomorrow 28 chi's and chi mixes will be taken from a local hoarder/breeder. Our local shelter can accomedate 30 dogs, presently they have 34. This means all of the dogs taken tomorrow will face certain death if IMMEDIATE homes are not found... any animal not spoken for by 8 am will be euthed..." (emphasis added)

WTF???  What business does ANYONE have of seizing animals for the nearly expressed purpose of killing them?  If you can't place them ALIVE and somewhere BETTER than where they are being taken from, you DAMNED sure don't have any business seizing them in the first place!

"I do not have much info... They appear social, are infested with fleas and worms. At least 1 of the females is pregnant."  There's a couple of pictures at the above link.  Not the greatest kennel but not the worst either and the dogs look fat and sassy to me!  I sure as hell don't see anything there that indicates insurmountable issues worthy of seizing these dogs.  (Everyone here should know by now that the technical definition of "infested" is has 1 or more.  Yeah, big whoop!  And pretty obvious from the photos that no one seems to be suffering weight loss, hair loss, you know, the symptoms of disease caused by such parasites.)

Here's what I left out of that last paragraph: "only that the dogs were living inside and outside the home in deplorable conditions".  JEEZ, they say "deplorable conditions" like that means something!  As far as I can tell, "deplorable conditions" is just shorthand for someone else wants your critters or at least wants YOU not to have them but can't describe anything really deplorable (let alone illegal) so they just toss out that catch phrase.

28 small dogs is more than I'd want but "hoarding"?  Really?  Seriously????  I want to scream when I see the way terms like "deplorable conditions" and "hoarding" are tossed about by the radical activists!

I'm sure whoever posted that Facebook page thinks they are doing a good deed but participating in raids and seizures like this only leads to more raids and seizures of less and less needy animals.  Those do-gooders will eventually become overloaded and then THEY will be targeted for seizure.  With each round of seizures, a few or many more animals are killed.  Anyone truly interested in saving animals must stop participating in these government and NPO seizures.  If the government can't tend animals that it seizes, it shouldn't be seizing them at all.

Seizing and announcing it in advance along with a death sentence.  "We're going to take your property for the purpose of destroying it completely."  Unfreaking believable!

Addendum: And sse FP's posting on the cats snatched and killed in Dallas!  (Thanks FP.  I couldn't find my link and was too tired to hunt through your blog.)

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