Rare Dogs Seized, ARFs to S/N All

"A Fannett Township man recently was found with about 80 of the world's rarest wild dog breed"  Prior to this, 150 of this breed were known to exist worldwide in captivity and and they are suspected extinct in the wild and this guy has 80 more tucked away and has obviously been successful at breeding them! 

"He's been awesome," Wendt said of Hammond's cooperation with the rescue, a combined effort between the two groups, as well as local authoritiesGrateful conservationists/activists?  Nope, seized, charges including one for cruelty for "sanitation" issues.

"On Monday, [State Dog Warden Georgia] Martin filed three citations against Hammond with Magisterial District Judge David Plum. The charges allege that he kept more than 25 dogs without the required kennel license, failed to obtain dog licenses for 2010 and did not vaccinate 67 of the dogs against rabies."  No matter those are all technical violations, meaning nothing...  Just HAD to file them though.

"Dennis Bumbaugh, Humane Society Police Officer with Better Days Animal League, filed one citation alleging that Hammond was guilty of animal cruelty due to unsanitary conditions."  Well, of course this raving ARF had to file that one.  This is what happens when humaniacs are granted police powers.  No matter that this guy has apparently done as much if not more to preserve this breed than everyone else put together and they are all ALIVE; gotta torture him for his efforts.

He'll be allowed to keep 10 IF they are S/N.  That's INSANE.  He's the one person on the planet who seems to have been breeding them successfully in captivity!

"Early next week, a mobile vet clinic donated by the Adams County SPCA will set up on the property, and veterinarians will set about de-sexing all the adult dogs..."  OMG, WTF?  Are these dogs of NO use to diversify the genetic pool or preserve it?  Can that even be decided in the few hours between the seizure and the decision to snatch out their reproductive organs?

New Guinea Singing Dog International and New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society have apparently been contacted and are involved.  Approved of blanket sterilization?  Seriously?  What the hell kind of conservationists are you people?  Why aren't you offering to work with this man and then take the dogs when he's no longer able?  Why are you working to keep the breed so rare?  What the hell kind of conservation is that?

"They're going to really help me out," Hammond said. "I'm 58 years old. It's about time to really downsize."  Well, OK, yeah, I can understand that but, but, but... What about the future of this breed????

"There are also a number of rusting old vehicles, most of them Pontiacs, scattered around the home where he has lived since 1980.   'You can tell he likes to collect things and not let go of them,' [Tom Wendt of New Guinea Singing Dog International] Wendt said."  Really?  You can tell he doesn't like to let stuff go from his inordinate cooperation in turning these dogs over to you freaks?  Now, I have no doubt at all that he's partially so cooperative because you and your cohorts threatened to seize the dogs and make his life even more miserable but still...  Just couldn't resist tossing in a hoarding reference, could you?  You bunch of raving, lunatic ARFs masquerading as "conservationists"!

And so the F*** what if he DOES like to collect cars and dogs (and any damn thing else) and KEEP them?  When did owning things or SAVING stuff or OWNING property/DOGS become inherently evil, let alone evolve into a crime.  You freaking ARFS need to get your own lives and stuff instead of criticizing others while stealing from them for your own "hoarding" collections!

Rescue?  What freaking rescue?  They certainly aren't trying to rescue the breed!  This is just plain coerced thievery and I don't give a rat's ass if the victim of the thieves is grateful because it's still thievery.  As far as I'm concerned, SAVING is still a virtue and isn't anyone else's damn business.  If the US hadn't been sucked into living on credit, maxing out credit, a damn site fewer people would be homeless right now after foreclosures of homes they couldn't afford.  We need some of those old virtues like SAVING and MINDING ONE'S OWN BUSINESS to come back into fashion IMMEDIATELY.

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I can see that it would be pointless for me to continue wasting my time trying to enlighten you to the facts because you don't want them.

You more enjoy the spin.

Have a blessed day,


Hey PBJ. Don't make assumptions without getting all of the facts. I did not change my tune. Obviously someone else did. Randy was and still is awesome. He did a special thing and truly loves his Singers. His numbers were too high to not have a kennels license and thus we at the NGSDI are helping to find Randy's Singers permanent homes. He is cooperating not because he has to but because he knows that we can find places where his Singers will be happy. You should also know that I will be working with Randy in the future. He has agreed to provide and be a temporary foster location for any singers out his way that are in need of homes. If you have any more dumb statements that you wish to make about me or the dogs, kindly track down those articles that include my phone number and call me to gets some facts before spouting off in ignorance.

This PA dog law is bad law, granted. As for the rights of the accused, I read the situation the way you did.
But I think you have mischaracterized Tom. Some in the singing dog community advised law enforcement to euthanize all the dogs. Tom volunteered to take responsibility for them. That's 60+ dogs. Given the mood of law enforcement, had he not done that I think they'd have been turned over to another rescue, one uninformed about the breed, only to be euthanized anyway because placement of large numbers of mistrustful, poorly socialized adult dogs is more of a challenge than most organizations can handle, IMO. Also, I think it's safe to say there won't be any profit in it for Tom.
This is an interesting dog by the way. Check out websites of NGSDCS and NGSDI for info.
As for contrived scarcity, the advisability of S/N, the meaning in "inbreeding" in a population with only four founders, breeding for preservation, the ideal numbers in the gene pool and how to distribute them between "bloodlines", controversy rages. I've tried to post on these subjects, but my computer keeps bursting into flames! I don't know much about population genetics except that the math is mind-boggling, but logic tells me that you would have to breed every individual in every generation an infinite number of times to maximize preservation of the gene pool. But, then, that maybe faulty logic.
You are welcome to post your views on the Yahoo group of NGSDI. Search Yahoo groups for "New Guinea Singing Dog".

Shireen, what you know about breeding and genepools and the Bible is evident. After all, Adam and Eve were who we all came from. I have to assume that MENTAL HEALTH has left your side of the genepool IN DEEP TROUBLE. Go ponder that one. All animals, people included, have evolved from 2, an intact male and female. When all the animals in the genepools held by people are N/S there will be none left at all. Noah had INTACT animals on the ARK!

Thank you shireen for getting the right type of information out there about what is really being done and why. Randy has been awesome but only because he knows that we have the ability to help find his kids a happy and enriched life. Considering the numbers, his dogs are in wonderful condition.

A few comments about your comments:

You said: "Prior to this, 150 of this breed were known to exist worldwide in captivity... this guy has 80 more tucked away and has obviously been successful at breeding them! "
"OMG, WTF? Are these dogs of NO use to diversify the genetic pool or preserve it? "

Yes, they are of no use to diversify the genetic pool.

The genetic diversity of these dogs in captivity is an important part of their conservation. The dogs seized at this property were descended from just 4 dogs. The bloodline of those four dogs is already represented in the current captive population.The dogs seized at the Hammond property are a product of considerable in-breeding. The animals are being de-sexed so that possible genetic defects due to in-breeding do not enter the captive population. This decision was not made lightly. The people in the two conservation societies involved in this rescue operation know this breed well. I trust their judgment.

In the second paragraph, starting with "He's been awesome..." Tom said that because Mr. Hammond has been cooperating with the authorities. This is not always the case in animal hoarding situations where some owners display extreme hostility and opposition to people trying to rescue the animals. Hoarding is a mental illness. Google it, and learn more about it.

Everything that is being done is in the best interests of these dogs, and it is being done by compassionate selfless people who love this breed. I think you need to further educate yourself about animal hoarding and conservation of endangered and/or rare animals in captivity. Google is your friend.