Today, I need YOUR advice and brainstorming.  I have a nearly 10 year old Shiba Inu, see her here, and she is basically allergic to planet earth.  I need to find an alternative for the next 1 or 2 items linked below, organic chicken or turkey with nothing else whatsoever in the can except water.

Almost 2 years ago, I finally found a foundation protein for her homemade food that didn't make her turn cherry red and itchy, got her completely off her medications.  What I used was Brandon Farms Organic Turkey (Organic Turkey, Natural Well Water) and Brandon Farms Organic Chicken (Organic Chicken, Natural Well Water).  I found it, of all places, on the shelves of Kroger at about $2/can.  I mixed it with human grade foods and sometimes Brandon Farms Naturals 95% product.  And then the "discontinued" signs appeared on the shelf tags.  I stocked up at every Kroger I could find and then emailed the company.

No worries they said, it was available under a different label at PetSmart.  Well, I DETEST PetSmart but, for Queen Sheba's sake, I went to PetSmart and checked out the on-line sources too.  Lazy/procrastinating me kept making the PetSmart run these past few weeks and last evening I found out they've discontinued the alternative product with no warning at all.  Came home and checked the on-line sources and those appear to be discontinuing the product as well.  I've emailed the manufacturer but I'm PISSED at them too.

The alternative product is By Nature Organics, Organic Chicken, Well Water, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan Gum.  OK, I'm PISSED at me first and foremost.  Shortly after the switch, Queen Sheba started showing some allergy symptoms and I should have gotten out my magnifying glass and read the label or hunted down that website back then but I thought it was summer seasonal allergies kicking in and I just plain didn't.  You see those extra ingredients in there?  THOSE are what she's reacting to and it's been getting progressively worse which means it isn't much seasonal because those would be getting better by now in late summer.  The company had told me it was the SAME product and it is NOT.  I should have checked but I also shouldn't have had to.  They, at Blue Seal Feeds, Inc. (the parent company), LIED to me.  I am SO sick of big corporations that lie with total impunity!!!

At any rate, it appears this company is no longer marketing the GOOD organic food that WORKED for those of us with highly allergic dogs (or it isn't available in my area anymore and I'm not sure I'd trust them again after that LIE they told me anyway).  PetSmart had nothing even close to comparable on its shelves and believe me when I say I made a manager HUNT the shelves; probably the first time anyone's ever explained "gravy" and "filler" to her too! (Gluten in "gravy" which is also a big allergy trigger and Queen Sheba's pretty sedate so she doesn't need any potatoes or rice on those hips, one knee surgery was enough, thank you!)

I came home and spent several hours trying to find that simple organic chicken or turkey in a can on-line (when I was supposed to be writing my next blog entry about the Gracia case) and having no luck at all so now I'm asking for your help.  If anyone knows of a source for this simple item, PLEASE post it in the comments or email it to me at

In the meantime, "human" chicken, fish and some prednisone it will be for my poor girl until I can get her back on track.  With a little luck, yesterday will be the only day WASTED by Blue Seal Feeds, Inc. and PetSmart DUMMIES.

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I was raised in Oklahoma, but my parents were born and raised in Arkansas, so I spent a lot of time in Arkansas as a kid.
My husband was raised in Oklahoma but his Mother's side are Texans, so he spent a lot of time in Tyler, Texas as a kid.
We spend a lot of time in Missouri though as my husband has an aunt that lives in Missouri and my family loves Branson.
The sad thing is it doesn't seem to matter anymore where you go, they're trying or have succeeded in getting their foot in the door.

Where is home PJ?

Here in my part of Oklahoma they've pretty much put all the little guys out of business. I live in between two small towns and Wal-Mart and their supercenters have put the small grocery stores out of business.

I've just about decided to raise all of my own food. I have chickens for my eggs, but I've about decided to start raising them for meat as well. I usually buy my chicken from a local meat store or another small town about 30 miles away that Wal-Mart hasn't managed to run their grocery store out of business. They buy most of their meat and veggies locally. I just can't hardly stand to butcher and pluck a chicken. I had to do it when I was a kid and it's something that is not pleasant at all. I'm buying me a couple of pigs to raise one for meat and we're going to breed the other and keep a baby to raise up for meat. We bought us a couple of heifers and a steer the other day for the same purpose.
We have a garden every year, but we usually just raise green beans, tomatoes, squash and okra. We've decided next year we will raise more veggies.
We're all too lazy to milk a cow twice a day. So I will continue buying my milk, butter, cheese and ice cream from Braums.

Of course this is all on the terms that some AR group doesn't come along and decide my cows need a climate controlled barn and my chickens need to be housed in the Hilton and my pigs shouldn't be rolling in mud. lol

I'm not doing this for anything I have against farmers and ranchers who are under attack, but because I'm worried all these regulations that HSUS and others are getting passed are going to make food costs go through the roof and I want to be prepared to feed my family and my dogs. I still have plenty of people around me that raise livestock feed, so I don't see that as becoming a problem for awhile and I have several slaughter houses around me.

PJ, maybe it's time to try and make her food. I know it's a pain....but at least you can control what goes into her that way. Poor baby...

"I would buy whole chicken when it was on sale or buy chicken thighs or leg quarters. I'd use filtered water to boil the chicken in, I'd put deboned chicken and some of the broth in a blender until it was to a canned dog food consistency. Then I'd freeze it in serving sizes in freezer bags. Then all I had to do was thaw it out and feed it. "

me too only I have a pressure cooker..pressure cook the whole chicken for about an hour.. test it.. less for thighs and breasts. sometimes more for a whole chicken. then put the whole thing ( a bit at a time) in the blender or Cuisinart.. bones and all. makes great dog food... freeze it and feed it..
puppies love it too.. great way to wean them.. good luck
PS I hate Pet NOT so Smart too..

Ear "infections" or FUNGUS is one of the signs of allergy....

Is there a whole Foods near you? They can usually special order things like this, plus if you buy it by the case you get a 10% discount.... ours goes a little further and offers a 20% discount if you buy 5 or more cases of anything (mix and match). I know what a hard time it is to find something like that, luckily for my pittie it became easier to go grain free and he doesn't turn red anymore.

ps. sam's club seems to have member's mark chicken in cans that only has chicken, water, and salt. It's also available on amazon here:

Well I had found the brandon farms website that claim to still have organic chicken/turkey with natural well water. I don't know why they still claim that on their website as after I posted I realized that was what you had been feeding.

I'll tell you though what I did with a dog one time that everything made it throw up. It was probably cheaper than buying dog food.

I would buy whole chicken when it was on sale or buy chicken thighs or leg quarters. I'd use filtered water to boil the chicken in, I'd put deboned chicken and some of the broth in a blender until it was to a canned dog food consistency. Then I'd freeze it in serving sizes in freezer bags. Then all I had to do was thaw it out and feed it. I'd usually take a bag out at night and put it in the fridge over night and it would be ready to feed the next morning and I'd just take a bag out in the morning and it would be ready to feed at night.