LEOs Shoot Pregnant Cow

What do you do when a pregnant cow escapes at (not from but "at", "within") the fairgrounds?  Why, you chase her with an SUV and honk at her, of course!  Freak her out as much as humanly possible and then kill her in a hail of bullets.  "We spent more than an hour trying to coax her into a trailer," May said.  Eventually, police cornered her..., where they said she charged an officer... "It did charge the barricade. It charged a police officer on a bike. The officer got off the bike and it was run over," said [Cal Expo deputy director Brian] May. "We had no choice but to kill the cow."  At least one officer fired the shots, striking the cow 11 times, according to May.

"It" is a "her" and pretty obviously a "her" from the photographs even to my citified eyes!  We're not talking about a charging bull with horns.  We're talking about a VERY pregnant cow (due to birth the next day) who was spooked and frightened and a whole bunch of IDIOTS who had no business being anywhere near livestock or a fair that contained livestock!

Had no choice but to kill the cow?  Seriously???  If these twits hadn't freaked out (which I'm sure she picked up on and was more frightened by), this cow probably could have been brought to heel (so to speak) with a stretch of rope or a dog leash or herded by a small group of calm humans!  Had no choice my sweet and sour ass!

Charging pregnant cow?  Step your ass out of the way!  Everybody step back and let the cow settle down.  There's even a point in the video where this cow nearly stops and they honk at her to get her moving again.  Charging cow my ass!  She was only "charging" because she was being harassed.

"I couldn't stop shaking. It was so unexpected," vendor Carolyn Hadin said.

Seriously?  What a WIMP!  Gee, livestock at a fair and once in a while something gets loose.  It's to be expected!

Even if the cow wasn't vicious, it was agitated, UC Davis veterinarian Ben Norman said.  "She was very unhappy," said Norman. "She was chasing people. She was going to hurt somebody.  I had a policeman shoot her so she wouldn't hurt anybody."

Now there's a veterinarian who needs to be blacklisted!  Any veterinarian who would have a very pregnant cow shot out of convenience which is exactly what this was shouldn't be allowed near ANY animal as far as I'm concerned.

The officers involved are described as Cal Expo fair police.  I don't know if they are "real" police or not but they were definitely carrying guns!

And the calf died too, of course.  Cow and full term calf die in hail of police bullets.  Livestock not safe from their caretakers at the State Fair.  What a lovely world we now live in!

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