It's a RAT!

“Where I’m from, that’s a rat” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declared Friday.

Darlin', I don't know where you come from but calling it a "rat" don't make it so and that definitely ain't no rat!  However, the simple truth is that there are rodents all around us living much closer than we realize.  It was fascinating after Hurricane Ike struck, with the power out making the ambient nose level of Houston almost non-existent, to hear and watch the rats running around yuppie housing complexes near the Houston medical center.  Hey, what can I say?  The power was out and we were bored!

It never ceases to amaze me how people can delude themselves into not seeing the obvious; like the rodents all around us and OFTEN sharing the structures we live and work within.  How do you folks do that?  Get over it!  They are indeed there and there's no way to eradicate them!  Just FYI to all who read about animal seizures and see reference to "rodents".  Yes, of course, where there are animals, there will be rodents and they're more likely to be noticed AND the animal rights activists like to point them out when rodents are all around us all the time.  They're playing to your emotions.  Nothing more.  It's truly disgusting how they will use anything to freak some of you out!

But I guess many of you are more like citified Robert Gibbs these days; willfully blind to the nature around you and unwittingly willing to call for its destruction.  How sad.  Open your eyes.  Confront your irrational fears.  Nature can be dangerous but it is far more WONDROUS if you would but give it a chance.  On that note and since I've mentioned exotic pets recently, meet the Capybara:

The Capybara is a 100+ pound rodent that is kept as a pet by some and is considered food by others.  I'll admit that picture of Caplin Rous with a saddle and bridle is CUTE but I sure hope you Capybara lovers keep your not so little pets confined to your yards because I'll also admit that the sight of a 150 pound rodent in my yard isn't going to bring out the best in me!

On the other hand, when it comes to creepy, crawly, slippery, slithery critters, I'm mostly inclined to live and let live.  I'll even escort them out of my house if they'll let me.

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