HPD's Rookie Rapist?

"A second-year Houston police officer was arrested this morning while on patrol in northeast Houston on four felony counts of sexual assault and two misdemeanor counts of official oppression, officials said.  Demetrie Trevail Dixon, 26, is accused of pulling over and assaulting two women on two separate occasions each, between March 15 and May 2, while on duty, according to HPD Internal Affairs investigators. Additional charges stem from two other women Dixon allegedly detained and searched unlawfully between Jan. 2 and May 24."

“It's bittersweet,” Harris Count District Attorney Patricia Lykos said as she commended HPD for an undercover investigation that involved surveilling Dixon while on duty. “The good part is the quick response of investigators, but it's a sad day for law enforcement, but I know of no other police department in the nation that has acted as swiftly in investigating wrongdoing.”  Pat!  Seriously? What "quick response"?  I'm thinking there's at least 3 women thinking that response wasn't quick enough!  If you're right about "no other police department... acted as swiftly...", then that's just plain PATHETIC.

This guy's been on the job for WAY less than 2 freaking years!  What the hell kind of psych tests you twerps giving these days?  I'd ask about supervision but that was CLEARLY lacking!

"If convicted, Dixon could face up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the assaults and up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine for the misdemeanor charges. That "one year" and "$4,000" would be for the official oppression.  PATHETIC!!!  GROSSLY INADEQUATE!!!

Why am I having doubts they'll even get an indictment???

HPD chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. was disappointed by the news but stressed that public safety is his department's priority.  “If a police officer is (acting unlawfully) we're going to do everything that we can and as quickly as we can to make sure you are charged,” said McClelland.  Disappointed??????????  Could you at least muster being PISSED OFF?  Yeah, sure, uh huh.  Sure, we believe that (wink, wink).  I mean, clearly you've been cleaning things up.  I'm sure they'll get cleaned up enough so that the next officer caught is on murder charges!  Oh, wait, there should already have been some of those but they always get a pass.  Yep, I guess it is an improvement if the rapists aren't getting a pass any more.  Could you work on the murderers now???

This guy was on patrol almost immediately after he joined the force which indicates he came from another law enforcement agency.  WHICH ONE?  Is he a real Rookie or a "new to this agency" pretend Rookie (which means we can expect to hear some additional allegations along with buck passing in the future)?

Did anyone else notice the jobs report today?  That 90% of new jobs were government jobs?  That it drove the Dow below 10,000 again; down to almost a 52 week low (yet again)?

Anybody else thinking we could do with fewer police officers?  Hey, I just want the ones that can do the job without committing crimes.  That should cut the force by 50% quick and save us some BIG tax bucks.  Maybe they could focus on real crime instead of ticket writing/fund raising.  Personally, I could see a 50% cut in prosecutors too.  Might get them to focus on real crimes too and cut some more BIG tax bucks.  Then we could all get back to actually building the private economy back up!

I gotta give Texas officials some credit though.  You're surely convincing me that anarchy might not be such a bad option compared to the job you twerps, thieves, and rapists are doing!

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