Higher Taxes, Fewer Services

We can all expect to see more stories like this one.

"Explosions at two Houston-area industrial plants in the last week, including Wednesday's chemical plant blast in Seabrook, killed one person and injured four others, but the federal agency charged with investigating such incidents won't probe either one...  The reason: chronic shortages of staff and money" and the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board gets to pick, cherry pick, which accidents it wants to investigate.  "35 accidents at chemical plants and 11 accidents at refineries so far this year" but the Board investigates just 12-15 accidents per year.

"Charlie Singletary, business manager of Richwood, Texas-based Local 564 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, said many of his 1,800 union members are seeing suspected safety shortcuts as refineries and chemical plants hike production to as much as 120 percent of designed capacity."  Id.  Oh, goody, more accidents that won't get investigated!

We're not digging a hole we can't get out of, we're digging a bottomless pit.

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