Hearing Friday 10 AM 1,000+ Critters

The hearing will be at 1001 Ssgt Macario Garcia Dr., Houston, TX  77011.  It’s S Sgt instead of Ssgt in Google Maps.  The hearing is set for Friday morning at 10 AM.  Harris County Precinct 6, Place 2.

Be there or be square and let's see if we can't rescue the ones HSPCA hasn't killed yet.

PS: Houston SPCA has been involved in yet another large seizure of about 150 animals (small by comparison to this one).  Oh, and, although it's being played that way by the metro media and the "Chief Investigator" at HSPCA (for donations no doubt), it's actually a voluntary surrender case.  I think it must be killing them to try to raise donations the hard way but, between the on-site loading of the animals and the first HSPCA on tape interview and broadcast time, a couple of more rural papers outed that it was a surrender case so...!  More on that when I get a few minutes to write.

10 AM and it's been raining so I'm gimping around.  Guess I better use my cane in the morning.  HATE that thing!

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