From a Card Carrying Democrat

After that last post of mine, it might shock some of you to find this out.  I am a life long, card carrying DEMOCRAT.  But I'm an old democrat.  I want the right to be as liberal as I want in my own home and that means government needs to keep its paws out of my pocket and the more distant the government, the more so that is.  So the FEDS need to ESPECIALLY get their paws off my money.

In case you're wondering, YEP, I voted for Obama.  So very sad that he jumped the shark about 2 minutes after he was elected but then, don't they all?  Well, having voted for him, I feel a wee bit entitled to ride his arse when he's screwing up!  Particularly, when he promised WE would be able to get OUR messages to him but his website doesn't even allow incoming emails.  Oh, but they send out plenty and nearly every one of them ends with "click here to send us more money".  Grassroots turned to top down REALLY fast with that bunch of louses.  And, on your donation requests?  Fat chance dude!

Don't get me wrong, if 95% of us want to violate the Constitution, he and the rest of the gang SHOULD tell us to stuff it.  What annoys me no end is when THEY are violating the Constitution over the objection of a majority of US.  That is just plain beyond WRONG.

There was a time that I supported efforts for the poor and disasters abroad but, the more I've seen our own poor neglected, the more I'm inclined to donate locally.  Seems there's a pretty direct relationship between money spent abroad going up and neglect of our own needy too.  I know how to use my PayPal account.  I can send money abroad all by my lonesome.  In addition, the Feds just spew money at foreign countries with no accountability.  That's MY money and I don't like it one little bit.  Until they stop doing that, I sure the heck am not going to send more money into the foreign abyss and I'm getting downright PISSED that they just keep doing it in my name.

For the most part, I get pretty fed up with the whole Republican/Democrat/Left/Right and any other form of divisiveness  of the sort.  As far as I can tell, about 95% of politicians and lawyers are just plain hell bent on trampling the US Constitution into the dust, all our rights right along with it.

But by far, THE most annoying thing I hear is "you didn't vote, then you have no right to complain".  What CRAP.  If there's no one, not one single person on the ballot worthy of my vote, I have EVERY right not to vote AND to BITCH to high heaven about that very fact AND about the twits that got elected by the ignorant, deluded masses!

Well, I voted in the last presidential election and I'll be riding Obama to keep his promises!  Not what he's now decided to revise them into but the original ones he made with the BIGGIE being to LISTEN to what WE want.  The Texas Governor's race?  Nope, not a single decent one so not bothering to drag myself to the poll but you can bet I won't have much farorvable to say about whoever gets elected because we've been given a sad, pathetic group of choices!

I wonder if the new governor would get the message if we each mailed in a pocket copy of the US Constitution their first week in office.  Somehow I'm guessing they'd all go into file 13; not even stacked in the hall for citizens to pick up for free.  So sad...

I see I'm rambling.  Yeah, it's that kind of morning.  Hm, must be time to walk the doggies in the rain.  Oh, well, at least half of THEM will enjoy that :)

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