Deplorable! FILTHY! Yeah, AND???

We see it all the time in allegations of animal abuse. The animals were in "deplorable conditions" and it was "FILTHY" and the animals are just "infested" with... (you name it, they've got it all). And every time I see it, my response is: Yeah, AND??? So what? Are the animals reasonably healthy? The inference is that they aren't but one can rarely tell that from appearances alone and tests take time but they are standing there making these allegations minutes after arriving "at the scene" so they don't know diddly shit yet except about appearances and appearances don't mean squat!

The reality is we are all living in "squalor" and merely maintaining appearances to the contrary.  Every study that comes out about the filth in our offices and homes proves it just as this latest one does:

Researchers looked at bacteria levels on chairs, phones, desktops, computer mice and keyboards from 90 randomly selected offices in New York City, San Francisco and Tucson. Through swab tests, the researchers identified 549 different kinds of bacteria in these offices, most of which came from human skin from the nose, mouth or intestinal cavities.  "We also found a surprising number of bacterial genera associated with the human digestive tract," the researchers, led by Dr. Scott T. Kelley, an associate professor of biology at San Diego State University, wrote in the study... all surfaces were contaminated.

From the "human digestive tract"?  Yep, meaning from human PUKE, PISS, or CRAP.

But as gross as intestinal bacteria may sound, the researchers said most people who spend all day in an office won't become sick from it unless they have a severely weakened immune system.

Got that? The mere presence of GROSS isn't a problem except for those with weakened immune systems.  Think you can tell which humans or animals have weakened immune systems?  Sure, sometimes one can... SOMETIMES.  But that would be the exception, not the rule.  Status of an immune system takes TESTS which take TIME.

Kelley told the New York Times that people should not be worried by his study's findings, but rather it's a glimpse into our working surroundings.  "It's a baseline of what a healthy, normal situation is like," Kelley said. "These were just regular office buildings, where we have no evidence that people are getting sick. But if we do have a sick building, we can now look at what's going on there."

Where is the baseline of what's healthy for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, or other animals seized?  THAT should be the basis for comparison for animals that are seized and I have yet to see a single case where such a comparison was made!

The animals were wallowing in their own crap!  Yeah, AND???  Apparently so is every person working in an office!  Many animals (as well as humans) like to go roll in the dirt and come back stinking to high heaven.  As a social requirement, we expect humans to clean up regularly.  However, the mere presence of filth and stink if humans chose not to do so would not inherently be indicative of health problems.  Even if they are filthier than the baseline, it's indicative of NOTHING!

Next time you see an animal seizure case with flaming generalized allegations of "FILTH", please respond with: Yeah, AND??? What's the environmental baseline and how did their environment compare based on scientific tests?  What's the health baseline and how did these animals compare to that baseline?  What precisely were the animals "infested" with and how heavy was the load and what did it take to treat the "infestation"?  Are infestations normal and requiring periodic eradication?  Did it require more than the norm to treat these animals?  Or normal and requiring no treatment at all?

If we're going to permanently deprive someone of their rights to their property, their animals, shouldn't we at least expect some objective scientific tests?  I certainly think that's not too much to ask before stripping someone of a fundamental property right!


Studies of office building air have detected as many as 106 bacteria per cubic meter [2], and the constant influx of microbes brought in with office workers likely makes for a dynamic microbial environment [3]. Human skin, as well as oral and nasal cavities, harbor trillions of microorganisms that may be shed and accumulate in offices [4][6]. Microbes from soils or other environments can also be vectored by office workers or be carried on dust particles from the outdoor air [7]. Moreover, indoor office buildings offer unique chemical environments not encountered in the natural world that may enrich for particular microbes [8].

"Men’s offices have more bacteria than women’s offices."  Gee REALLY?  Oh, come on, nobody's surprised! Right?  Now, given that most animals haven't learned how to turn on the faucet and take a bath and even the ones who can might still use their tongues to clean their "privates" it sure shouldn't be a surprise that animal areas might have more bacteria than offices.  Yeah, AND???

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This year ticks are a real problem in my area. I have livestock guardian dogs for my goats and poultry. All of the tried and true methods are not working on these ticks this year, advantage, frontline plus, sulfur, etc. I asked the vet and he had no more answers than I do and said everyone is having the same problem this year due to the mild winter. I noticed the livestock wasn't getting near the ticks as the dogs, so I asked him if I could put what I put on them on the dogs, he told me the amount to use and it has worked better than the other stuff, but only for about two weeks. Anyway, to my point, if someone came to steal my dogs, I guess they could say they were infested with ticks. I guess I couldn't deny it because one day I picked 10 off one of the dogs and this was within 3 days of applying advantage. I've spent a fortune this year on products to rid ourselves of ticks, from not only products for the dogs, but spray where I can spray and not worry about poisoning the animals, tick granules where there are no poultry and sulfur everywhere else. So I guess if they decided I wasn't taking care of my animals and they were neglected due to infestation of ticks, it's my responsibility that every product on the market isn't working like it's supposed to.
But then I suppose these same people would think I was being cruel and not properly socializing the dogs for allowing them to do the work they were bred to do.


Has to pass the white glove and sniff it seems but not happening in anyone's home...even with one pet (d turtles and goldfish count?!?); even with a maid. The accumulation of stuff and dust in the draperies...oh my...
My favorite is the vet says it's so bad she/he won't allow the animals in the office accept when time to kill them without a single test; held in improper conditions until 'killing time' however, often done at the scene in front of the owners even without permission from the judge...Wait... how about the animals so deplorable and horrible they then fight for custody and earn money begging for help for animal care they can't afford...Reminds me of impulse shopping...
They take those horrible, suffering pure breds to the 'animal warehouse' err, I mean shelter and 'farm them out' to be sold. Now at the local pet shop they have just stopped from selling animals the were purposely bred for they can sell the now homeless animals...Either the American public has been duped or too dumb to recognize the truth of it; or both!!! Or is it they think it hides the truth...?!?


The norm use to be to never take a bath because it was considered unhealthy! I so agree with you Pearl just cause somebody says the place was dirty does not immediately mean everyone was sick! More and more raids are being done soley on the ick factor as you call it and no medical tests are run to substantiate possible illnesses in the animals taken. I judge a raid on how fast the turn around is for the animals If the receiving organization is having adoption days for the animals taken in a raid in less than two weeks then all that is said about deplorable conditions and infested with and all that goes right out the window. Many receiving groups are adopting out raid animals with in DAYS of receiving them. Their vets must be miracle workers to get the animals is adoptable condition that fast!