Dallas Taser Settlement Coming?

Fort Worth has agreed to pay $2,000,000 to settle its taser case.  Even before that was passed by the city council, city spokesman Jason Lamers was defending continued use of tasers and inherently indicating Fort Worth would go right on using them no matter how much it cost taxpayers to fund settlements!

It appears the citizens of Dallas can expect the same as less than 48 hours after Fort Worth's settlement, a man is in critical condition after being tased by Dallas officers.  "A special investigative unit will determine if the officer's use of a Taser was justified."  Yeah, sure, uh huh, WHATEVER!  Could someone up there in Big D seek an indictment of the city and police department as well as the officers this time?  How many tax dollars for settlements are you guys willing to cough up?

Or maybe they can just keep arresting each other for DWI and they'll all be on desk duty.  Two Dallas police officers arrested over the weekend "are on administrative leave, facing charges for driving while intoxicated last weekend".

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