Convicted After Death

When one dies, I don’t think one retroactively sprouts wings and becomes an angel in life.  I don’t have even a tiny problem speaking ill of the dead if they were nasty people while alive and I’m even inclined to dancing on graves, literally.  Although we do often find out more about people after they die, I DO have a problem with accusing someone of atrocities when they are no longer available to defend themselves and even post death convictions concern me a great deal.

Recently, George Randel Theobald died in the Harris County jail.  He was in jail accused of a hit and run that resulted in one dead and one injured, being mother and grown daughter respectively.  His sister thinks he committed suicide, guilt from having caused a death.  The article is titled “Victim angered, sister saddened by suicide of Meyerland hit and run suspect” but the first sentence starts: “Robin Romano is now free to talk about what happened when, she says, George Randel Theobald killed her mother…” and now he’s convicted in death.  Hey, I get it in this case coming from the family member of someone who died.  When the accused dies before trial, it just sucks and there will never be resolution of any kind.  In this case, police say Thobald admitted his actions and maybe he did.  However, I still question convicting anyone in death like this.  At least, in this case, the media included “suspect” in the title of the article.

Early last week a dog breeder was murdered in Pascagoula, Mississippi and the media and HSUS aren’t being so kind.

According to accused murderers Robert Phillip McKenzie, 19, and Daniel Lamont Hatten, 28 and homeless; Johnny Bullock (age 67) “picked up McKenzie sometime after 2 a.m. Tuesday.  ‘They drove to the Exxon Fast-Trac on the corner of Chicot Street and highway 90,’ [Lt. Davy] Davis said. ‘McKenzie flagged down Hatten, who was at the store, and said they would give him a ride.’  Bullock did not know McKenzie… investigators believe that Bullock knew Hatten from the Salvation Army or My Daily Bread, which aid people in need.  ‘We know that Mr. Bullock helped the homeless out from time to time, and Hatten was homeless,’ Davis said.”

McKenzie claims they wanted to buy Lortabs from John Bullock and that he agreed to sell them but he also says they had no money.  There was a struggle and “the gun went off”.  Yeah, sure!  McKenzie brought the gun and Hatten jumped into the fight and nearly bit Bullock’s ear off.  The police don’t think McKenzie and Hatten knew each other.  Maybe it’s just me but I think it makes far more sense that they DID know each other and this was a planned robbery of drugs that went bad.

Johnny Bullock is dead a bit before 3 A.M. on Tuesday, shot to death after a struggle in his own van while trying to help the down and out.  I am damned sure not taking the word of the alleged murderers that he was willing to sell drugs illegally!

On Thursday afternoon, personnel with the Humane Society were at Bullock's property to help the family determine what could be done with the 100 or so mini pins and schnauzers at the business.”  Ya know, that should sound good but it doesn’t to me because I already know what’s coming; however, this one comes with a twist first.

Between Thursday and Friday, about 70 dogs go AWOL.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is on site and I think people are beginning to realize what KILLERS they are so start carting off the dogs.  That’s straight up personal speculation.  I have to say that I’d be tempted to help them get dogs away from the hands of the HSUS too.

HSUS wants those dogs back, especially it seems, the PUPPIES.  They say because they are so young and shouldn’t be apart from mothers which may be true but I’d guess those are also the most valuable in terms of sales prices and fund raising capacity.

HSUS brings in “Pascagoula veterinarian Dr. John Battley helped examine the remaining 122 animals to prepare them for their trip to a Florida shelter.

"They're not in terrible bad condition. The problem here is there are just so many of them in such a crowded area," he said.  "It's overcrowded.  It's poor sanitation. The animals don't get much socialization, and it's just what you would typically define as a puppy mill."  (And please ignore the video of the huge building and property where there was PLENTY of room for this number of small dogs; we're sure not showing inside the breeding facility 'cause it might make liars of us.  PS: Puppies will be available for sale on Sunday, no socialization needed 'cause they're already social!)

POOF!  Between Tuesday morning and Friday morning, Johnny Bullock has gone from dog breeder to PUPPY MILL owner.

From: “Bullock was owner of Bullock's Kennel in Pascagoula and raised mini pins and schnauzers for sale and show.”on Friday to “Miss. Murder Sends ‘Mistreated’ Dogs To Broward” on Saturday.  REALLY????

Most of the dogs at the kennel were Miniature Pinschers.  A few were Pit Bulls. The rest were mixed breeds.”  Mixed breeds? Really? Or can these twits not even identify schnauzers?

By Saturday, HSUS is claiming that Johnny Bullock was “under investigation” by them: “massive rescue of allegedly mistreated dogs”, “alleged inhumane treatment of puppies”.

In Florida, here’s how Johnny Bullock’s death is being portrayed: “Humane Society officials in Mississippi ware called in after kennel owner John Bullock was found shot to death in his van last Tuesday morning, according to Pascagoula police, in what may have been a drug transaction gone bad.”  After giving that completely WRONG impression of a drug “deal”, they back up and give some of the details.  GRRRR.  That tactic just plain PISSES me off!

It's just fascinating to watch these stories "evolve" in hours but it also makes me want to PUKE!

Of course, HSUS isn’t actually taking care of these dogs.  As usual, they are having someone else do that.  The Humane Society of Broward County in Florida (who immediately started using them for fund raising) ends up making a trip to Mississippi to get 118 dogs and now they are all THEIR responsibility.  I’m not on the HSUS mailing list but I’d bet they had their fund raising plea out 3 minutes after they knew these dogs were “available” due to the owner’s death!

I do not know who called in the HSUS insaniacs but they probably couldn’t have done worse for these dogs if they’d tried!

I know animal owners are petrified of these lunatics these days (rightfully so IMO) and that animal breeders are competitive but I’ll do a bit of begging here.  Take a few minutes TODAY to decide what happens to your animals if something happens to you.  I know that means you have to have discussions with those who might take in your animals and those might be tough and scary conversations because they involve “disclosure” of information.  I know that.  Do it, make decisions, and plaster all the needed contact information for those designated to help with your animals on your refrigerator or in some other conspicuous place and make sure your next of kin and whoever is mostly likely to be “first on the scene” KNOWS of those plans and where to find the contact information.  PLEASE do this NOW.  Otherwise, the animals you’ve cared for and spent your life tending could well end up in the killing hands of HSUS or their buddies!

Not only that but they will convict you of atrocities after you die when you can’t defend yourself and your family will have to live with that too.  It is unfreaking believable to me that any media outlet would assist with that but here we are and they are indeed doing just that.

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I'm sorry, you referred to them as insaniacs of which I am not. I am curious where you live because I witnessed this every day. If you spoke to anyone involved, you would find out that I have been trying as well as the rest of the community to get this PUPPY MILL shut down for 3 years. If you think this situation was better than them being rescued and maybe sold then you should really re-think that. Did you know that some of the dogs had to be euthanized because they were so sick??????? Bet you didn't. Don't write about stories that you are not involved in just to get a dig at the Humane Society. I think everyone that was involved in this puppy mill should be held accountable. If I did not feel like I was dealing with ignorance I would be glad to sign my name.


I am the "idiot" that got the humane society involved and you would have to be a bigger idiot to think that was a mistake. These dogs were kept in an unventilated building all during the summer with temperatures up to 100 degrees. When the few were placed out front for sale, they had no water. If you would have reviewed the news footage you would have noticed a licensed veterinarian called the operation a "typical puppy mill", but he may be an idiot also. This man should have been convicted of cruelty to animals before his death, but I'm not sure which crime your title is referring to.... trading drugs to services or cruelty to animals?


Here's some first hand knowledge for you. I have one those rescued dogs. Not only did she have infected eyes and ears, she had a mouth full of ROTTEN TEETH. She had to have NINE TEETH PULLED today. This is not a dog who belonged to a breeder who was taking care of his dogs.


Dontcha love it.. happy to smear Mr Bullock with third hand knowledge and rumor..but won't post their name..This person claims that his emotional attachment "was not there" because he had to leave his dogs behind in KATRINA?? and of course that says he was only in it for the money.. especially ones with names like "anonymous".. I never believe anything when people won't ID themselves when trashing others... with friends like this who needs enemies..

"Bullock was a breeder of show stock, a point I won't disagree with, but his emotional attachment to the animals was not there. Bullock is well known on the show circuit as the man that evacuated during the Katrina flooding leaving his SHOW STOCK in crates with no chance of survival, they all drowned and he flaunted it. While this does not constitute the label of "puppy miller" in itself it does lead one to believe he very well could have had the dogs in less then ideal conditions with his only concern being the profit margin. "


We had a major fire several years ago. It would have been nice if the fire dept. or sheriff's office could have given some warning, but they didn't and we didn't know it until it was almost upon us. Anyway, my kids was my first thought and first priority. I did grab my old dog, my daughter grabbed her dog, my son grabbed his bird and my husband grabbed the cat on the way out. My outside dogs I'm sorry to say, I didn't have time to do anything about other than to leave the gate open, which we also did for the horse. Chickens and ducks we didn't have time to do anything about. Thankfully we got out after several attempts in different directions with the fire crossing the road. Also thankfully the fire went around our property. Others in the area weren't so lucky and lost everything. Some people had even less warning than us and were barely able to get out and sadly some people were not able to grab any of their pets. I never judged them because we don't live in an area where fire is a major concern and saving your own life and the life of your kids was the most important thing.
After living through a tragedy, I have a different outlook on what people do during a tragedy. It's easy to say I would never leave my animals until you're put in that situation.
If my old dog had not been at my feet, as much as I love him, I was so frantic I could have forgotten him as well, my first thought was my children and sadly my dog was an afterthought. I would have not even thought about the outside animals, it was my husband who ran and opened the gates.


I just want to add a bit of information that will maybe change your view of this man being publicly misrepresented after death. Bullock was a breeder of show stock, a point I won't disagree with, but his emotional attachment to the animals was not there. Bullock is well known on the show circuit as the man that evacuated during the Katrina flooding leaving his SHOW STOCK in crates with no chance of survival, they all drowned and he flaunted it. While this does not constitute the label of "puppy miller" in itself it does lead one to believe he very well could have had the dogs in less then ideal conditions with his only concern being the profit margin.

I am a pet owner, a rescue worker, and an advocate but I see nothing wrong with puppy mills if the animals were properly cared for. I grew up on a farm.....we raised animals we called our pets that left in the fall and came back to fill our freezer but those animals, while in our care, were well fed, well cared for and lacking nothing. The problem with small animals is they are very easily (and cheaply if you look at all the “free” ads on community sales boards) replaceable so those people running the breeding facilities don't care if they lose a couple from neglect.

The HSUS is an evil entity that I refuse to defend. All you say is true and very few rescue groups want any type of relationship with them or PETA. We do work with them to save the animals because that's what it's all about and the people running the organizations aren't necessarily evil but the entity as a whole abuses the system and the public. I do have to wonder if there's something that shifts in people causing them to become fanatical when it comes to having a voice for those that can't speak for themselves. There are many rescues I've dealt with that have the same “Holier Than Thou” attitude the HSUS and they run the rescue like a social club saving way fewer animals then they would if they truly were doing it for the animals. Seems the poor animals have very few advocates to defend them that are sane........