Another Texas Taser Death

Chased and tased and dead in Waller County.  No real details available yet.  No doubt someone will be reminding us what a great "non-lethal" tool electroshock weapons are for law enforcement when the details do come.  And, of course, it will be the victim's fault for dying if he has some pre-existing health issues or had drugs in his system.  If nothing else, it will be his fault for having run.  Ah, yes, the ultimate blame.  Comply or die.  That has become the modern law enforcement creed.

Addenda: The day before, Galveston police shot a man holding a knife.  I have 2 things to say.

  1. NEVER call the police if someone is suicidal.  In Texas, the police are more than happy to ensure the suicidal wishes via suicide by cop (SBC).  Even though most who are suicidal are actually pleading for help, it will not be obtained by asking law enforcement for assistance as they will "fear for their lives" at the least possible cause and SHOOT TO KILL.
  2. NEVER bring a knife to a gun fight.  Hey, law enforcement, if you're going quick draw, why the hell shouldn't we be armed and ready to fire in self defense?

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