Animals Have NO Rights

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Sadly, while Mark Zuckerberg (FB founder) is learning about slaughtering his own food, his staff is allowing animal rights activists to set the agenda on Facebook.  They set up hate pages to flame and are permitted to hide behind them anonymously as a "cause" and they are permitted to gang up on everyone else by stomping on their "report" buttons. IF Facebook is to become what Zuckerberg wants, he should certainly remember that we ALL have the right to speak out and his staff needs to find a way to stop the bully behavior by Batshit Crazy Activists that are trolling Facebook!

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I want to share a few stories that I know the AR group won't get, but there agenda and their illegal ways are forcing good people to make tough decisions.
There's a woman I know who has a 35 year old horse with arthritis and it's hard to keep weight on her. They spends thousands a year on vet bills and medication alone. They love their horse, which is why they do it. However, out of fear of some nosy AR activist they keep this horse locked in the barn during daylight hours out of fear of someone seeing it limping or someone thinks they're not feeding it because it's not at optimum weight. They only take the horse out to eat green grass at night under the cover of darkness. Their fear is causing them to keep the horse up not because they neglect the horse.
Another person I know has a little general store and since the day they opened the store about 5 or 6 years ago you were greeted by their german shepherd/collie mix dog with a deformed leg. They found the little puppy in a ditch and took it home and to the vet thinking it had a broke leg that the vet could fix up. The vet determined it was born that way and there was no fixing it other than amputation or putting the little guy down. They decided this little pup was a fighter and had the will to survive and they opted against the amputation when the vet told them the leg itself would cause it no pain, it just would never function. The dog no longer greets you at the store, something he lived for because some do gooder called and complained the dog had a broke leg and the owners were just letting it hop around on three legs. They were one of the lucky ones who actually had a deputy come out that had watched the dog grow up and did his job by getting the paperwork from the vet documenting it did not have a broke leg. Out of fear, they leave the dog at home now although it makes them and him miserable.
I personally have farm animals, cattle, goats and chickens. Chickens die for a multitude of reasons often not known, a number one cause of hens dying is becoming egg bound, no cure, nothing really you can do about it, so you'll find a hen dead in the nest. 5 years ago I would just either dig a hole and bury it or take it out into the woods and leave it for food for the wild animals. Not anymore, because my fear of someone seeing me place the chicken in the woods or a wild animal digging it up and some do gooder seeing a dead chicken on my property and thinking I don't take care of my chickens. I had a goat this year that had to have a c-section and sadly she died a few days later. I didn't dare bury her a goat I loved and one I had raised on a bottle out of fear of a wild animal digging her up and bones being seen on my property. So now when I have an animal die I burn it, something that breaks my heart to do, set fire to an animal even if it's a dead animal. I do this out of fear. Anyone that has ever lived on a farm will tell you when you raise animals you have animals die, it's part of nature and it doesn't matter how well you take care of them or if you have the vet on speed dial, it happens.
That same goat I had die, her baby survived. However, she wasn't standing on her front legs, but the vet told me give it a few days, because she was so weak and barely alive when we got her out. So I did that and she got to where she was standing on one of her front legs but not both, so I took her back to the vet and x-rays showed she had a broke leg. The vet not meaning to had broken one of her legs when he was trying to pull her. It wasn't his fault things happen and we told him save Mom before he saved the baby. When he told me though that her leg was broke at her growth plates and the leg might never get well because it wouldn't grow, my first thought was having a three legged goat would invite the PETA folks to accuse me of animal abuse. So his advice was take her home and limit her movement by keeping her in a cage and we'd see in 2 months if his fears were justified or if she'd be okay. I told him, that scares me to death because if some nosy PETA person saw a little goat in a cage, they'd accuse me of animal cruelty. He told me he'd make sure it was all on file and then told me how worried people were now about AR activists in this state. His exact words were they are harming more animals than they are helping because people aren't calling the vet when their animals are sick or injured out of fear they'll be accused of animal abuse. He told me about one woman whose dog has allergies that cause hair loss and she won't even bring her dog into the clinic because of her fear and pays for them to come to her house and give him the shots.

I'm sure some people enjoy this fact and think it will make people quit owning animals. I myself love my animals and I've raised animals my entire life and won't stop until I'm forced to stop or dead. So for the logical thinking people, do we really want to live in a country where we have to live in fear of our animals getting sick because someone could use that against us? That our first thought is how will this look to someone with no clue about animals instead of thinking of our animals first?
I hate living this way and I hate people like Sue Ann Hamm in this state that is a HSUS member using her husband's billions to write legislation that makes me live this way.
I'm getting old, my kids are grown and people like her are trying their best to take away my way of life, take away something I enjoy and love.
I keep to myself, but if this state passes the legislation giving them the right to have police powers to come onto my property and force me to allow them free reign to search it, then I'm going to use my constitutional right to not allow them on my property without a search warrant.

If I'm forced to protect my property and what is mine I will do it and there are becoming more and more of us that are beginning to feel this way and many of us in rural communities and in agriculture feel as if the government and AR activists have declared war on us and we're ready and willing to start fighting back.


Hey Jeff....ever hear the phrase "free speech"???
I bet you want to remove and censor books from libraries as well. Or burn them.
Oh that's right. You can have your opinion because you're entitled but no one else is
Give it a rest. If you don't like it, don't read it


Your blog needs to be shutdown. Did a cat or dog turn you down on a date or something? It sounds like you got alot of hate against animals. By the way. You need to change schools or get into some better law classes.


I do not understand why Mark is allowing pages to remain that flame others without proof of ANYTHING! Not only that, but it should not be allowed. Hate crimes are not supposed to be tolerated by anyone for any reason and by their system administrators allowing people to be bullied regardless of the reasoning, it is pittie-ful amongst the realm of animal rescue. Animal rescuers need to wake up and remember that any of this could happen to them at anytime! Abuse from a rescue is a new trend amongst the court systems and law enforcement officials. Next week, you'll be the flavor of the week in the news for abusing an animal as a rescuer. It's ridiculous that this AR crap is allowed. Seriously.


Just like the Animal Rights Corps site on Facebook...any comments not in their favor or trying to tell the REAL side of what happened on a raid of theirs is INSTANTLY deleted. I have been defamed so many times there it is pitiful!