AlphaTex Dared To Speak Out

Most animal seizure/forfeiture cases begin with Trespassing and end with Conversion.  They start with activists who have recruited law enforcement to aid them in invading one's privacy and home, often dragging the media along and allowing them to also freely traipse into your home.  This was the topic of my blog entry To Trespass or Not to Trespass a few weeks ago.  The trespassing is followed by a media blitz by the activists to smear the animal owners publicly and attempt to shame them into silence.  That is usually followed by summary judicial proceedings to rubber stamp thieving of the animals and other property by the government from the true owners.  And THAT is often followed by criminal charges that the government swore it would bring if only the owner gave up their property without a fuss.  The owner having done so, the government then proceeds with criminal charges ANYWAY.  The whole bloody thing is an absolute abomination of "justice".

The case against the owners of AlphaTex Kennels in west Texas is no less of an abomination but they have refused to be shamed, give up their animals, and crawl off in silence.  They have found some great lawyers to assist them too.  Everyone in an animal seizure/forfeiture case most certainly needs to rally the troops because there is inevitably some lunatic like "Daizy" willing to start a hate group like Animal lovers against AlphaTex Kennels within minutes of the media blitz.  People like Daizy don't care about fairness or a fair process.  They summarily "convict" and proceed to spew their hate instantly; no need to wait for facts.  Fortunately, we live in a country where the dictatorial Daizy types haven't won out yet.  We can and MUST fight back against their desire for Star Chamber treatment of these cases.

Last year, the owners of AlphaTex Kennels spoke out publicly in defense of all our rights to own animals without excessive government interference.  No doubt in my mind that doing so is exactly what put them on the Animal Rights Fanatic (ARF) "target list" and led to the recent seizure of their animals.  They spoke out for us and now it is time for us to support them, both in their defense in state court and in support of their already filed federal case which will attempt to regain our rights being so blithely ignored should we dare to "own" animals in defiance of the ARF wishes.

Some of the documents in the AlphaTex federal case are now readily available.

I would especially like to draw your attention to page 5 of the order where the federal judge refers to Don Feare as a "prosecutor" and makes reference to the potential of a "valid conviction".  These 2 terms taken together persuade me that the federal judge has not yet wrapped his head even around the fact that this is SUPPOSED to be a CIVIL case.  That these cases are indeed more criminal than civil AND often followed by further criminal proceedings is one of the very important issues that needs to be sorted out by the courts as criminal cases should and do come with special protections from Constitutions while these cases tend to be summarily decided and then used to bootstrap the later criminal cases.

Jessica Casenave is a young lawyer assisting Paul Holloway in representing the Smiths, owners of AlphaTex Kennels.  Contributions to fund the case against Floyd County, TX (and in support of all owners and their rights) can be sent to: through

Please send contributions through as a "gift" and note AlphaTex on them.

Small donations do add up so please don't hesitate to help even if you can only afford to make a small contribution.

These cases are expensive; well beyond the means of just about any individual.  As usual, the attorneys are trying to cover OUT OF POCKET costs and aren't ensured they will be paid at all for their services.  For all our sakes, we NEED to contribute and help put a stop to these summary proceedings that deprive owners of their most fundamental rights and property.

PS: The Gracia case is still pending on appeal.  Legal process can be slow but we're beginning to make a dent.  The animal owners and lawyers need to hear from us both in voice and dollars.  Freedom is never free.

The owners of AlphaTex dared to speak out, to use their free speech to defend our rights.  That is something we should all be able to do without fear that our property, our animals, will be seized and summarily forfeited to the government to be given to strangers who will profit greatly from them.

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Those of you who are horrified by the idea that we would support a dog breeder accused of abuse need to know of another outrage perpetrated by the authorities.

When animals are seized, no records are accepted in defense of an animal which is under the care of a licensed veterinary practitioner. No vaccine records are accepted as evidence of current vaccinations.

In other words, no evidence of good care is acceptable by the seizing authorities. They may seize the records with the animals, but they refuse to allow them to be used in the owners defense.

Not only are the animals frequently sterilized (those that aren't summarily killed) long before the owner sees a court room, but generally arbitrarily vaccinated too. Our animals are being over vaccinated to start with; to revaccinate seized animals without checking vaccine records is at the least irresponsible, and could be characterized as abuse in and of itself.

One more thing - the reason Terry has so little credibility with any of us, is that any time there is a seizure anywhere in the country, Terry turns up supporting the AR position. And Terry's comments never square with what personal knowledge many of us have of the people and circumstances involved.

Many of us now have personal knowledge of the people and animals seized and abused by the authorities. Speaking only for myself, it has been many years since I saw true evidence of abuse or neglect in photo or video 'evidence' that is used to indict people. The animals shown in the images invariably look, to the critical eye, to be well looked after and groomed.

Those of you who are involved in rescues or fostering need to take heed of the fact that the ARAs are now targeting rescues as well as breeders.

The AR goal really is to eliminate all animal ownership, and these laws will allow them to do it if we don't fight them.


Nice this post.


Even the most liberal estimate is 25% pure breed dogs in shelters.

My own individual study showed that to be far less. I spent a year going to city funded shelters, non-profit shelters and breed specific shelters, although the latter are often kept in foster homes and I did visit several of them as well. I did this across 4 states and in my home state of Oklahoma I went to every shelter I could find listed. What I saw with my own eyes was maybe 1 or 2 full breed dogs in the shelters, the most I saw in any shelter was 8 out of probably 50 dogs and that was giving the benefit of the doubt that they were just a poor example of the breed.
What I did see a lot of were shelter workers claiming a dog was full breed and arguing with you even when I showed them a picture of the breed and the dog they were calling a full breed. Even some of the specific breed rescues had dogs that were not pure bred and at least they would admit the dog was only part of the specific breed. A few of the worst examples or best examples depending on how you look at it was a short hair blond colored dog, that imo looked to be a lab mix that they were listing as a golden retriever. One shelter had a short haired white dog that was about the size of a lab without double dew claws that they claimed was a full breed great pyrenees. That told me that at least some shelters see a certain colored dog and think it's a certain breed and they really have no clue, so dogs are being listed as full breed when they're not.
One shelter actually had it wrong the other way though, they were listing a dog as a bloodhound mix that was clearly a full breed red bone coonhound and when I told them this they actually admitted to me the dog had been found with a reflective collar with a tag made onto the collar but they couldn't read it. I told them I'd bet you $100 right now that dog belongs to a hunter and he lost it. I went to the local feed store and sure enough there was a flyer posted on the bulletin board of someone looking for their hunting dog that they lost while hunting. I called the number and told them I saw a dog that looked like him at the shelter, he was furious because when he called them they said they had no dogs with that description. He called me later and said it was his dog and the dog was micro-chipped and they didn't bother to check that out. He had to pay his vet to come to the shelter and prove it to them and they still charged him $275 for the cost of feeding him and neutering him, preventing him from ever keeping that bloodline going on.

Now myself would have been ashamed for not scanning the dog and would have felt like a heel for neutering someone's dog, and certainly would not have charged him to get his own dog back, a dog he could have gotten back the day it was brought in if they would have known how to identify a dog, because he had been calling all the shelters daily, along with he had run ads in the paper, posted flyers all over town and out in the rural area where he lost him. He also didn't buy their story they couldn't read the tag as it was a new collar and tag less than a month old, a collar he paid over $100 for that he never got returned because they didn't know what happened to it.
Eventually he found out that a shelter worker, saw the dog on the edge of the woods near a highway and got the dog into her car and took it to the non-profit shelter. This dog was doing what it was trained to do when coon dogs get away from the owners, wait near where they were unloaded at for the owner to retrieve them the next morning, he probably only missed his dog by 5 minutes.

So let's just say many rescues I don't trust, I believe there are some good people out there, but I also believe there are many that give the rest a bad name.


Animals are sized all the time when they are healthy. There is very little process involved in seizure - all you need to do is lie on a warrant and the government says the accusations on it are true AUTOMATICALLY. Most seizures are done for money. Money from fines, money awarded by the court, money donated by a duped public, money from RESALE.

I have tried to read all of this and hope I got it all. I have not noted where anyone with the "daizy" mindset is the least bit concerned about the fact that 3 or so dogs were wantonly murdered by HSofWT without the consulting of a veterinarian. Is murder not abuse in the Book of Daizy? Just exactly how and why does a quazi-government agency get a complete and utter PASS on abuse that it commits in the name of stopping unproven abuse? It boggles the mind, folks. Anyone who thinks AlphaTex are such horrible abusers/hoarders/puppymillers/etc owes an explanation of why abuse is okay when it is done by the government, but not okay when a private person is involved? Why, in your mind, is abuse -even outright murder- okay with you depending on who does it? Why the double standard? I would think that, as emotional and vehement and vitriolic as many of you are, that you would expect the "authorities" to be held to a higher standard. Why is it okay with you that they break the very rules they are supposed to enforce?


CONGRATS to the Smiths for fighting for ALL of us! Head held high, sue those ###### for all they have for violating their constitutional rights!


Yay Alpha Tex Thank You for standing up not only for your rights but for everyones rights. CONGRATS ON THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish to add, a former govenor of the state of Oklahoma, had a litter of lab puppies born. They were growing & doing great, but not old enough for their vaccines. But their mother was current & she was nursing them. Suddenly the entire litter died because they contracted parvo. Unfortunately, parvo has mutated some. The mutated forms are not common, but do occur. The standard parvo vaccines will not stop them. We humans are advised every year to get a flu shot. This is based upon what mutation form of the flu it is felt will hit that year. That is why the flu shot you got 5 yrs ago will not work this year.

The Smiths did not ask for help & I can understand. If they had asked for help, they would have been accused & had gone through exactly what happened to them. It has gotten so that if someone asks for help, they are vilified. If you ask for help with your animals, you might as well open your doors to seizures & accusations of abuse & neglect. People love to jump on the accusation bandwagon. They don't appear to care that they are helping to destroy the civil & legal rights of the accused. When accused, we all are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty but in cases involving animals, it seems that aspect of the law is totally ignored. I'm waiting to see what will happen when some of these "rescuers" are raided & loose their legal & civil rights.


I'm weighing in here as #1, there are times, in any species, that there will be members of that species that is abnormal in size. This is not because of starvation, abuse, etc., but because of some abnormality in their genetic makeup or become of contracting a disease. I had a litter of 8 pups. The mother had a very good pregnancy, well nourished, vetted, etc. The labor & delievery was fast & incredibly easy for her with me in attendence the entire time. For the first 3 days all appeared normal. The mother had more than enough milk for the pups & was extremely devoted to them. They were in a clean, well cared for box with bedding no pup could suffocate in. In the night of the 3rd day, I heard a noise from a pup I knew & recognized. It was a "mewing" type of noise. This particuliar cry has even been written about in the 1920's by Albert Payson Terhune, author of many books, most of them about the collies of Sunnybank. The mewing noise means that the pup will die. I immediately picked that pup up. He was in the pile of pups, close to the mother, being attended. Despite this, he was ice cold. I attempted to warm him & feed him warm puppy subitute milk. He would not warm up & would not nurse. Within an hour, he was dead. A few hours later, another pup was "mewing." And this pup died also. After the vet was open, I sought help. He could only conclude there was a genetic problem with the pups. I took them home & came to dread with cold fear every time I heard that "mewing" cry. It quickly got to two pups left. I had great concern for the female pup as she was 3 1/2 weeks old & still the same size as she was at birth. The other pup was growing. I assisted the mother in feeding the 2 remaining pups, hoping to give them extra strength to grow on. Unfortunately, at 4 wks of age, the female died, the same size she had been at birth. The other pup had responded to the high calorie, extra fortified food & lived. He is still alive & doing great.

I have seen an 8 yr old sheltie who was about the size of a small, toy poodle. This sheltie was under 10 lbs. She was extremely well loved & spoiled by her owner who had had her since she was 8 wks old. Never had there ever been any accusation or even thought of abuse. This puppy was a dwarf.

Humans give birth to babies who are dwarves. They do not abuse their child, this is just how their genetic makeup is.

Pituritory problems, genetic flaws, thyroid problems all can cause abnormally small or extremely large offspring. This is not caused by abuse, this is caused by genetics & God. Are you accusing God of abusing animals because some are exceptionally small?

Abnormalities occur. Often these are proffitted upon by breeders attempting to make tiny animals. The pomeranian was originally a 40+ lb sledge dog. The breed was in danger of going extinct so breeders worked to make them "pocket pets" which was the fad. They are still a toy breed.

Astralian shepherds have been minuturized. People want tiny dogs & will seek out dwarfs from the breed to breed down the size of the dogs. I have seen a champion chihuahua who weighed 2 lbs. He was not abused. Yorkies are being "bred down" as people want them so small. No matter how hard a breeder works to maintain the breed's standards for size, abnormalities occur and exceptionally small pups are born & will not grow to normal standards. Often these dogs will be sickly, have mental problems, and can lead to false accusations of abuse.

Sometimes there are dogs who have severe problems with feed. Finding something they can tolerate can be a long, expensive process. There are many children born who can only have certain special diets & these are very strict & restrictive diets.

I am posting this in reguards to the claim of an "18 lb golden retriever." There are way too many reasons for ananimal to be undersized for someone to quickly scream "abuse!!!" I have witnessed so many variations of size because of genetics, medical maladies, etc. Not all vets can quickly see the reason for this. Sometimes it takes several vets & numerous tests to find out what is going on. This can cost thousands & thousands of dollars. Not everyone has unlimited funds to pay all these vets, travel to see them, & pay for all of the tests. This does not mean the owner is uncaring or abussive, this just means the owner has only so much money.

Instead of screaming abuse, taking the dogs, attempting to humiliate the owners, why can't you say."you've had health problems, let me help." Why can't you be a good samaritan & offer non-judgemental help? What has happened to the way we used to be, willing to help our neighbors, even when we don't know them? What happened to the person who helps others without being splashed in the papers, etc?What has happened is too many have become judgemental, accusitory, & willing to jump on the "abuser" accusation bandwagon. Too many would rather find ways to profit off the work of others. Too many find it's cheaper to "confiscate" animals & then "adopt" them out for high prices than to work & acquire monies from your own labor.


"Did you catch Rabies during one of those "rescues"?" Never rescued an animal in my life, actually. So that would be a big no. I support animal welfare and the people who are rescuing them from bad situations, but I myself have never been personally involved in rescuing an animal. I, in fact, have never even owned rescue animals before. All of my pets are purebred, and papered.

Also the statement "big girl" words has struck me as immature in itself. Also, not female, but I can appreciate the assumption. Also, does someone have to have name, address, phone number, SSN, and picture posted to state an opinion? Last time I checked I could have the lovely owner of this blog uses a fake name to cover her ass as well. I'm just offering her the same courtesy.

I see no need to attempt to try to sound sophisticated to someone who is an immature brat herself. Calling someone a scuzzy thief sounds a lot like immaturity to me, and the majority of things I've seen from this woman have been immature and stated just to stir the pot.

I see no need to pop back to this blog again either, so this is where I dip out and get on with my life ( you should know that life is too short to obsess over something someone says.

;) Have a nice one, ladies.


So "whatever" who might I point out can't use their real name "to voice their opinion" first and foremost, calling someone a has been with out knowing details of something is pretty pathetic so let me get this straight you've ran out of big girl words and went on the personal attack? Did you catch Rabies during one of those "rescues"? If the animals were in such deplorable health then why weren't they turned in long before? Why wasn't the treating vet consulted PRIOR to the random killing by AR's for what they thought were health conditions that are by the way completely treatable. Name calling and personal attacks are a sure sign of immature thought processes and lack of effective communication skills. Furthermore, the fact that on camera, they said, they let the place get away from them means little to many professionals. It is human nature when under pressure, to automatically go on the defense. They did not act out in violence, they acted out in defense, this is why many people should call their attorneys before opening their mouths. Unfortunately they were not afforded this RIGHT guaranteed to them as US citizens. They were stripped of their rights because of someone's opinion and the desire for free PR and to make a quick buck. What will you do when they come to your door?