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Message from Jennifer Gaut

Ms. Jennifer Gaut was one of the three attorneys who represented the Gracias in their civil forfeiture cases in Harris County and is representing them on appeal from the second judgment.  Their animals are gone but the fight goes on and, as she and I have often discussed, we know the public does not…

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AlphaTex Needs YOU

Were all of the AlphaTex animals cruelly treated? NO. Were ANY of the AlphaTex animals cruelly treated? NO. So says a unanimous jury.  Today, in west Texas, a team won a huge victory for all of us, human and animal.  But this fight is far from over and YOUR help is now needed.

"The six-person Rand…

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Animals Have NO Rights

I just attempted to post a link to a blog on this topic to Facebook only to be informed that the item has been flagged as "spam" which is most certainly is not. Please share through your email contacts as FB is blocking a fine blogger!

When you attempt to post this link on FB:

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