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On Playing God with Dogs

On man is dead and another stabbed, recovering in the hospital.  There are 70 or so dogs, Shelties, that have been snatched up by authorities for now... "Sheriff’s authorities are working to ensure that the animals are current on their vaccinations and are all spayed or neutered."  Who the fuck d…

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Love/Hate & the Apple Mac

I didn't learn to use an "IBM compatible PC" until about 5 years ago. Don't even know if that's still the correct terminology for them.  I was a very early convert to the Apple Mac.  LOVED my first Apple Mac SE.  It came in a box and was EASY.  I plugged in 1 cable and turned it on.  It came with 1 …

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Seeking Angel Geeks

I'm writing this while babysitting my computer which is currently running a set of Norton scans.  I've been here for several hours and I don't really dare move away for long because Internet Explorer keeps launching so it can show me PORNO sites and that slows down my Norton scans, could hijack the…

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September 12th

My current FB status: "☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ If you support our troops then please post this on your status.  They risk sacrificing their lives for all of us. We have rights and owe obligations to preserve those rights. Freedom is never free. Home of the Free... because of the Brave! Today, we honor the…

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Snake on a Porch

Not just any snake either.  This was a female tiger rattlesnake.  And it was amongst a batch confiscated from someone somewhere.  Wouldn't you think it would make the news, blogs, something if a dozen or more VERY venomous snakes were confiscated?  If it did, I haven't found it yet.  What DID make t…

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