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Gracia Hearing Day 4

Updated below...

How do you keep a defendant from winning?  You simply refuse to even enter a judgment!  This is the hearing that will not die because the prosecutor and a teeny, tiny judge won't let it end.  At the prosecutor's suggestion, the judge has requested both sides to present written brief…

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Gracia Hearing Day 3

From our wonderful court observer, Daniel Sigmon:

Greetings All,

I will do my best to weave a narrative for you from the day in this
installment of what is turning into the trial of the century it seems. I was
only able to be present in the morning. The information from the afternoon
is taken from t…

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Behind The Scenes

Due to my own health issues, I'm missing the Gracia hearing today but don't worry as there are others observing and taking notes.  In the meantime, let's take a look behind the scenes at a search/seizure.  Let's say you're doing a little target practice at your rural property as you've done for year…

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Gracia Hearing Day 2

Guest Post by Daniel Sigmon of Hearing Notes for Day 2 of the Gracia Hearing (the Judge arrived at 10:23 AM):

OK Folks, here we go. What a day. I felt like I was watching Perry Mason or

I arrived just a little late at around 10:30 to the courtroom (life happens).
The SPCA "Investigator" […

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Gracia Hearing Day 1

Guest Post by Daniel Sigmon of Hearing Notes for Day 1 of the Gracia Hearing:

Greetings Folks,

I was at the trial until almost the end of testimony yesterday, Friday, July 23.  We left after a brief recess just before 6:00 PM.  The vet that was testifying for HSPCA would be unable to return so exam…

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Gracia Defense Funding

If you'd like to contribute funds to help defend the Gracias, please send them to:

  • Jennifer Gaut, Attorney
  • 510 Bering, Suite 300
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • 713-974-8841

Staged Evidence

The Gracia hearing goes on.  Continued to Wednesday at 9 AM.

Pictures don't lie but people do and sometimes they do so by staging the pictures they take and then claiming they "fairly represent" something they don't represent at all.  Once in a while, they even videotape themselves staging the scen…

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Trial By Ambush

I have spent the last couple of days trying to find a way to find the judge in Gracia seizure case to be a little bit reasonable but I just haven't seen it yet and here's why.  The animals were seized on a Thursday to ensure that the hearing would be held in less than 10 days because days 9 and 10 f…

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Continued to Monday

The hearing was continued to Monday and I doubt it will finish on Monday.  Kudos to those who showed up to support the Gracia family.  It was truly wonderful to see the gallery full on their side of the courtroom!  One thing I'm fairly sure of is that, a judge who is in the courtroom from 8 AM to 6:…

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Hearing Friday 10 AM 1,000+ Critters

The hearing will be at 1001 Ssgt Macario Garcia Dr., Houston, TX  77011.  It’s S Sgt instead of Ssgt in Google Maps.  The hearing is set for Friday morning at 10 AM.  Harris County Precinct 6, Place 2.

Be there or be square and let's see if we can't rescue the ones HSPCA hasn't killed yet…

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Sniffing for Due Process

HSPCA Judge Shopping & Prosecutors Prefer Star Chambers?

Mourning for Jayne Peters and all of us too

Above the Law?

Low on Sales Stock?

Well, it looks like Houston SPCA's pet store got low on stock so they had to go snatch some more animals in salable condition.

"An anonymous tip..."  BIG surprise there!  NOT!!!

"birds, along with dozens of dogs, rabbits and hamsters..."  NICE selection!  That should fill out the HSPCA store's var…

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STOP the Snake BAN Laws

While I'm working on an article about alleged animal hoarding (15 is a hoard if you have them but 400 is OK if you're an "official" rescuer or city pound, really?), I thought I'd share one of Barbara's posts.  If you've read my blog for a bit, you know that snakes kinda freak me out; however, many l…

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News of the Weird Rescuers

They consistently call this dog "he"...  "Big E" has been spayed and neutered...  REALLY???  I sure hope "he" finds a home with a responsible pet owner because I have doubts that the people who have him right now are the least bit competent.  If you don't understand my meaning, you might be an anim…

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Iroquois Denied Travel in US

A Plea for Trooper

I have a fondness for most dogs and cats and quite a few other critters but there are some that always tug at my heart a bit more than others and an apple face Siamese is one of those.  Despite his injuries of unknown origin, Trooper still has that sweet lovely Siamese face that reminds me of my fir…

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PACT Act Still in Holding Pattern

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