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BARC Calling for Kitty Fosters

April 30, 2010

It’s that time of year and Houston BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control) is overwhelmed by sick kittens who need fostering in isolation from other cats due to their respiratory ailments.  BARC is “under new management” and it seems one has to attend a class to become a foster now and…

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Abusive Officials

April 30, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, KPRC did a little rundown a few minutes after 4 PM of the recent cases of officials accused of acting badly.  So sad that they had multiple stories readily available to do that!

The first thing to understand about accusations against officials like police officers is that they …

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Feds Building Shelter for Galveston Island Humane Society

April 29, 2010

8 on 1 Cops Pummel Handcuffed Suspect

April 28, 2010

Pro Per and Pauperism

April 28, 2010

Who Gets to Decide?

April 27, 2010

Call 911

April 26, 2010

Due Notice or Not

April 25, 2010

The 2 current SPCAT snatchings in Kaufman County are really very disturbing, especially for their lack of even minimal due process.

The SPCA recently rescued three abandoned dogs from a filthy trailer in Kaufman County, northeast of Terrell.”  Well now, that does indeed sound like a very good thi…

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Stench of it ALL at SPCAT

April 24, 2010

If Maura Davies’ lips are flapping, you can be pretty sure a lie is being told!  Here’s a transcript of a bit of’s video:

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Double Standard and EXCUSES for ARA NPOs

April 23, 2010

I’m getting a bit sick of “non-profit” organizations (NPOs) who get a pass on the rules of life while simultaneously thieving other people’s property which is what I see in so many of these animal rights activists (ARAs) and their NPOs.  Here’s some icing on that cake.

The Galveston Islan…

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Dallas Animal Shelter Comm Meeting at 1:30 PM

April 22, 2010

DAS is up to its usual shenanigans and there's a meeting of the Commission today.  (And they didn't come even close to meeting the required notice even though their agenda was prepared almost a week ago.)  Check out Feline Provocateur for the details.

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Thank You Robert J. Stevens

April 20, 2010

Radical Unschooling???!!!

April 19, 2010

No formal education at all, no rules, just let the kids do what ever they want and surely they will learn what they need to all on their own initiative.  Even hygiene like tooth brushing goes out the window.  This is the latest trend in home schooling - no schooling at all.

Sounds more like teachi…

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Character Counts

April 19, 2010

My mother used to say you could tell the character of a person by the condition of their hotel room after they checked out. Does one hang the wet towels over the shower bar, drop them on the tile floor or make sure they land on the bed?  In other words, does one consider even what the maid has to cl…

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One Generation

April 17, 2010

"A familial generation is defined as the average time between a mother's first offspring and her daughter's first offspring. The generation length is 25.2 years in the United States as of 2007..."  That's for humans but a familial generation for animals is usually much shorter.  All that is necess…

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Cop Watching

April 17, 2010

"cell phones, surveillance cameras and other video equipment often used to assist police are also catching officers on tape, changing the nature of police work"

"Some say cameras are exposing behavior that police have gotten away with for years."  Yeppers and I'm loving it!

"Minutes after a subu…

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PSPCA Strikes Again

April 16, 2010

Apparently PSPCA does such a piss poor job of cleaning that it is having a "Garage Sale" of its shelter dogs so it can clean the shelter.  Isn't that wonderful?  They know they've got disease running rampant so they are discounting those dogs and getting them out in public as quickly as possible and…

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Taxes Down, Property Seizures Up, Hm…

April 15, 2010

Yes, for a number of reasons, income taxes are indeed down this year.  Well, of course, that can’t last.  It’s a matter of transition.  The Bush benefits are still in effect and the Obama favorites got layered on but we all see what’s up with the economy so we know the bill has to be paid sooner or …

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2010 Muzzle Awards

April 13, 2010

The Muzzle Awards point out those who most egregiously violated the letter or spirit of the First Amendment protecting Free Speech.  The Muzzles don’t always go to governments though.  For example, they gave Muzzle awards to CBS and MSNBC in 2008.

Because the importance and value of free expr…

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Three Legged Dogs (and cats and...) for Papi and his "Mom"

April 12, 2010

In honor of Papi, watch these guys and gals and you may have trouble feeling any self-pity for a while.

Playing Frisbee


Born with just 2 legs

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