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Euthanasia IS humane, Really?

"Euthanasia IS humane" is a general statement that someone posted on an email list yesterday and a couple of people concurred, including the list moderator.  I wanted to take issue with that general concept but, alas, the moderator (who actually started the sub-thread with "Euthanasia *is* a hum…

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Take a Walk

Gracia Update, Last Friday's Hearing

As many of you realize, the HSPCA is accustomed to merely presenting a lengthy bill and having a court rubber stamp it.  The judge in the Gracia case ruled that they had to present a detailed bill AND "prove it up".  This is a significant ruling.  Further, she ruled that the bill should be reduced f…

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Missing Pet Network (MPN)

Missing Pet Network.  Let's get pets back to their HOMES.

  • The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals. It accepts no money, makes no endorsements, and uses no advertising on MPN web pages.
  • If you have found a pet, y…

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Gracia Hearing Friday 2 PM

On Friday at 2 PM, Attila the Prosecutor (aka Linda Geffin) will likely be the one arguing that the Gracias should pay thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of dollars for the "care" their animals received while this case has been pending.

Has everyone seen the Harris County's "news release" issue…

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Rare Dogs Seized, ARFs to S/N All

"A Fannett Township man recently was found with about 80 of the world's rarest wild dog breed"  Prior to this, 150 of this breed were known to exist worldwide in captivity and and they are suspected extinct in the wild and this guy has 80 more tucked away and has obviously been successful at breed…

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Gracia County Court Jury Decision

The jury came back with a decision.  Interestingly, they gave the German Shepherd back to the Gracias along with the chickens; forfeited the other animals.  I find the return of the German Shepherd most interesting.  This is a dog that was allegedly amongst the HSPCA's major initial concerns upon tr…

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