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Houston SPCA v Joe Hearing TODAY

Of course, the case isn't styled "Houston SPCA v. Joe" but maybe it should be...

Sadly, we appear to have only 1 news outlet attempting to provide information on the massive seizure of animals last week.  Our local Fox affiliate reports the hearing will be at 2:00 P.M. today before J.P. Dale Gorczy…

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Monday and more on Poverty

"Poverty jumped sharply to 13.2 percent, an 11-year high."  And the article says: "Household income declined across all groups, but at sharper percentage levels for middle-income and poor Americans."  Since I've been seeing whining from professionals and others who are dismissive of the plight of th…

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Sun Morn: Poverty on My Mind

Whenever I hear professionals talking about how reasonable their fees are, I wonder if they really know how much their clients' incomes are, how many Americans really live in rather abject poverty.  I doubt it.  As I write, there is a home sales program playing in the background on my TV, advertisin…

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Should SPCA have resources before confiscating?

Yesterday, the Houston SPCA confiscated 1,045 animal.  The AP picked it up today, sans most of the details and now described as a "rescue" rather than a confiscation.  Now the Houston SPCA is pleading for donations of goods and funds to care for those animals.  If you or I took in animals without be…

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7 Years Between Rabies Vaccinations, Help Make It HAPPEN

Please pass this along to every pet owner and rescuer you know.

Most of us knew the Rabies vaccine worked for 3+ years long before the law caught up.  In fact, we "know" it actually works for much longer.  To get the laws changed so we can stop OD'ing our pets and putting them at repeated risk while …

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What A Week

It's been quite the week around here.  Sheba's wounds got worse so back to the vet, Dr. M (not newbie Dr. S) we went.  He put her on a quinolone drug which is indeed kicking the infection but she was pretty miserable for a few days before that and about all I could offer was constant attention and w…

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Stop Wasting My... (Stop

I went web surfing to buy smokes.  (Yeah, yeah. Don't even start.)  Nearly every website I tried to go to got me a warning from these lovely new internet censors:

They're a lovely new community of volunteers who have ganged up with some of the big internet kids and, w…

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Stop Wasting My... (AT&T)

OMG, I tried to decipher my first phone bill for my new service at the new house.  They screwed up the order and, in "fixing" it, it's nearly 2 pages of single line items gobblety gook!  I might actually switch to ComCast and I FREQUENT the website!  Verizon?  Jeez, Loise, is ther…

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Stop Wasting My... (Wal-Mart)

Like everyone these days, I buy quite a few products.  Since I've recently bought a home that needs rehabbed and moved, I'll probably being buying more stuff than normal.  (OK, that's probably an understatement. :)  I'm so sick of sellers who misrepresent or just plain lie about their products, espe…

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I made a good start on my terminology and definitions today.  See the page titled "Terms".  If there are terms or concepts you'd like to see included, let me know as we go along.

Pfizer gets Hand Slapped

Pfizer agreed to have its hand slapped AGAIN.  If they're playing that fast and loose with the rules about human medications, you really gotta wonder what's going on behind the scenes with their animal medications: vaccines, Anipryl, Revolution, Nemex, ...  And then there's the "wonder drug" Rimadyl…

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Houston BARC

My new home is in Liberty County, TX; NE of Houston.  But I maintain an interest in the City of Houston's Bureau of Animal Regulation & Control (BARC) because they impact how animals are treated throughout the area.

BARC has been a mess for years; probably from it's beginnings.  There have been sca…

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Unauthorized Practice of Law

In doing my research and writing on my chosen topics, I found myself using terminology that I'll probably be using often and decided I needed to address that and  some additional "legal" matters before crossing that threshold of other topics.  Before someone jumps in and accuses me of practicing law…

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